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Your Marketing Has To Change in 2022. Here Are 4 Ways How.

15 Jun 2022



It takes no genius to figure out that marketing is an art more than it is a science. Of course, there are some fundamental principles...

GEN Z Entrepreneur Flynn Blackie Discusses Harnessing the Power of Psychological Marketing

We inject human psychology at each step so that our client's ads resonate with their audience. With the help of the media as well, we craft a compelling message that drives action.


Yahoo News

Teen Entrepreneur Reveals Why He Dropped Out of School to Found Lead Generation Agency MOD Digitial

Understanding human emotion and objectivity, will help immensely in serving the clients and building fundamental relationships. At the core of every business is the client-business relationship; sales and growth are a result of it.



Improved Lead Generation: Google Ads Releases Three New Features on Its Mobile App

To improve the chances of success for your campaigns, you must regularly test new variables.


Grit Daily

Ways to pivot your business

It is heartbreaking for people's hard work and livelihoods to be shattered and undone like this. I want to motivate businesses and people in general to keep positive be resilient and come back stronger.


Starling Bank

A 17-Year-Old Crafted the Best Marketing Email I’ve Read

I know what it's like for small words to have a big impact and make you feel like you've been through 3 months' mentorship!


Better Marketing

Fascinating Lessons I Learned from a 30-Minute Conversation with a 17-Year-Old Genius

The only conclusion I have is that Flynn is probably the next Mark Zuckerberg, without the ugly ego.


Entrepreneurs' Handbook

Gen Z Entrepreneur Surpasses the Traditional Education System to Build His Own Empire

Believe in yourself. If you've got an idea behind you and enough belief in it, you'll make it work.


Big Time Daily

Meet Flynn Blackie: 18-Year-Old Entrepreneur Battling the Status Quo

I knew that the risk was so great. And I knew that if I’m going to do this, this was a must-work situation because I really was leaving with no grades at all!


Business Deccan

How to Attract Qualified Traffic To Your Website

A lot of agencies are failing because they only focus on what’s so good about the product. They miss out on identifying people’s desires, struggles, and aspirations. We use subliminal, psychological triggers to make each ad resonate, without people even noticing it some of the time.


Disrupt Magazine

GEN Z: The ERA of Entrepreneurship is Yours!

I think, with the booming creator economy, it has never been easier to make a living doing what you’re passionate about!


Vents Magazine

Why Human Psychology Should Be the Driving Force Behind All Marketing

Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like.


Foreign Policy

CEO Flynn Blackie: Applying knowledge, building teams, and influencing others

The more touchpoints you use to reach out to someone the more likely they are to see that it's THEM you are trying to reach.


Valuable Blog

How To Successfully Nurture Revenue Winning Leads: Flynn Blackie of MOD Digital Reveals His Gen-Z Insights

Relationship-building comes first; business, sales, and growth are the result of it.


The Daily Star

Top 4 Insider Gen-Z Digital Marketing Secrets

We are blessed by social media algorithms and the unlimited accessibility the internet provides, that enable us to connect and build a strong community with people who are interested in what we have to say and offer.


Women Love Tech

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