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Flynn, The X Lounge


100% Remote


TBD. Handsome nonetheless.

Employment Type:

Part-Time Moving To Full-Time After 1 Month


Hey Flynn Blackie here, 19-year-old CEO and founder of MOD Digital a digital marketing agency.

Having such fast growth and attaining incredible awards in such a short space of time, there was a growing demand for a platform where we could share our knowledge with those desperate to see our methods and to be surrounded by others on the same mission.

We’ve teamed up with Editor X to create a community for budding entrepreneurs and internet money business owners to build, grow and scale successful companies.

We’ve named it The X Lounge (

About the Job:

We are looking for a savvy and self-motivated community moderator to build relationships and strengthen engagement in our new Discord community.

You should have experience managing and engaging audiences and must prove adept knowledge of the tactics that increase community engagement. You should be customer-obsessed, have a pulse on new and emerging trends in the community space across all platforms, be relentlessly curious about what’s happening in the world and always be looking for ways to surprise and delight through personal interactions.

This role will be dedicated to community and communication - giving members an experience they’ll tell their friends about. From your efforts, we will see an increase in applications by nurturing a deep sense of community that grows awareness and hype.

Candidates should have a passion for the topics we will cover - ranging from website design to modern marketing to self-improvement.

You will be tasked with the following:

  • Using CRM software to better understand and engage with members

  • Engaging with the community day-on-day

  • Connecting members with each other and encouraging them to engage

  • Foster deeper relationships with community members, assisting in helping new community members get the most value possible

  • Find answers to questions and problems you see in the community, specifically around Editor X or areas the platform can add a lot of value in

  • Monitor member engagement and suggest content to give to them

  • Aid in building up a team of moderators across time zones that will help manage the Discord community, proactively engage and reward this moderator community

  • Organising community events

Who I am looking for:

Discord Savvy - this job is centred around discord. You must know it inside and out.

Future Thinker - this is a community that is here to stay. You need to be constantly thinking about what the members may be seeking from us next, otherwise, they will find it elsewhere. We are looking for someone that stay’s on the bleeding edge of the latest community platform trends, best practices and technologies.

High Energy - we want someone who has a genuine passion for meeting people, building relationships and chatting about all things marketing.

Fully confident interfacing with people - the ideal candidate has no trouble communicating with strangers.

Comprehensive English - the community will communicate in English, you must be native or have native-like fluency.

Why you want this job:

Respect from high-value people from the get-go - This community is exceptional and members are vigorously vetted. The people you interface with are going to be incredible people to say you know.

Fast-paced and exciting - Sure, there will be calm moments, but we have the backing from one of the biggest web companies in the world to build a community centred around business growth. Things won’t get boring around here.

Make your mark - The strategy applied and the long-term goal behind this community will not become apparent to the competition immediately. But when they do catch on, you’ll be able to say you were instrumental in the growth and management of one of the biggest communities in the internet money space.

How to apply:

I need to know that you read this and that you actually want this role. Start your application with BANANAS so I know you read it all.

Send over a few paragraphs as to why you think this job is for you. 

Then, confirm that you meet all the requirements and send as much proof as possible to back it up.

Finally, tell me why I should hire you over all other applicants.

Community Success Concierge

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