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Fresh Approach

Why Book Flynn?

As a passionate entrepreneur who dropped out at 16 to start his own company, Flynn always had an eye for hidden opportunities in the world of business. He looks at things differently to find unique solutions for his clients.


One quality that separates him from the rest is his relentless perseverance to test every single notion in marketing to find out what works and why something connects with the audience. As a result, he has a large knowledge base about the most effective marketing strategies in different industries.


Apart from business and marketing, Flynn also shares his thought-provoking ideas about education, career, productivity, goal-setting and so much more.


Have you wondered what it’s like to quit school to start your own business at 16? How about striking deals with established companies and consulting them on their marketing strategies while still being a teenager?


Flynn has a deeply inspiring story as well as a trove of knowledge about the challenges of building your own business and how to overcome them. He also shares his wisdom on building an enthusiastic team, improving workforce productivity, smashing through company goals and so much more

Psychological Marketing

Do you know what your customers really want? Do you know why they came to you in the first place? 


Despite its numerous advantages, what modern marketing often forgets is that there is an actual person who’s watching their ads — a real person with problems, hopes, dreams and desires. Psychological marketing empathises with the customer, finds their problems and positions your product as the most effective solution for those problems. There are much more complex aspects to psychological marketing than this and as someone who has been testing various marketing techniques, Flynn is a subject-matter expert in this arena.

Digital Advertising

Finding the right medium is as important as finding the right message. In an age where more and more businesses are being formed and a boatload of products being introduced into the market, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out from the noise and sell your product. 


Flynn shares the latest trends in online advertising, what’s working, what’s not, the changes in the privacy policy, the future of digital ads in the Metaverse and so much more.


As the first generation that grew up/graduated in the pandemic era, the voice of Gen Z is important as ever. Despite their early challenge, it’s the generation that’s going to solve humanity’s complex problems including climate change. As the world economy’s key demographic is slowly changing from millennials to Gen Z-ers, it is crucial to know how this generation differs from its predecessors. As a proud representative of the Gen-Z community, Flynn shares his take on how Gen Z-ers view the world and the values they deem most important.

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