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MOD Digital, The X Lounge, Flynn


Edinburgh / Hybrid


£2000/month with a huge opportunity for growth

Employment Type:

Full Time


Do you want to join a rapidly growing company & grow massively as a person?

Do you want to build a great career & make a fortune?

If so, read on.

Flynn Blackie here, 20-year-old CEO of MOD Digital and founder of The X Lounge.

MOD Digital is a world-class marketing agency helping businesses to drive exceptional growth through direct response marketing - Paid Ads, Website Funnels and Email Automation. We work with some of the biggest emerging leaders globally and craft some exceptionally exciting campaigns for our clients.

The X Lounge is the world’s fastest-growing exclusive community of elite online marketers and entrepreneurs.

I dropped out of high school at 16 years old. And although it’s had its downs, since then, life has been pretty fucking exciting. It became normal to me, so it took a while to work that out but I know with certainty, that I can offer content in the form of entertainment (lifestyle), education (inside access to the workings of my business) and inspiration (humility and openness) - all just from simple documentation of things I’m already doing.

I’m not Gary Vaynerchuk, but I am hiring a D Rock.

If you are a good videographer please don't apply - good is not enough to make it on this team.

If you want to take it easy please don't apply either - you won't make it through our recruitment process.

If however you truly are an exceptional talent who wants to be pushed harder than you have ever been pushed before & grow rapidly as a person we want to hear from you.

This role is not for the dim, the lazy or the faint of heart.

We want winners with a razor-sharp mind, a hunger for success and a warrior spirit.

Arguably the perfect blend of calm and exhilaration, this role is without question going to keep you on your toes whilst offering future opportunities you have only dreamt of.

I am seeking someone with a passion for making fast-paced, edgy and viral-optimised content. If you have ever wanted to create a real-life movie, this job is for you.

You and I will work closely from our studio in Edinburgh and from the most exceptional locations around the world to visualise, strategise and create our content masterpieces.

If you are intelligent, driven and ambitious this truly is an opportunity of a lifetime. You will need to be a street-smart videographer (not a motion array waffler), have a huge appetite to learn & be a great problem solver. You will need the ability to commute to the Inverleith area, a hard work ethic and a huge hunger to succeed.

We are looking for someone with a hyperactive creative mind and the ability to bring an extraordinary vision to fruition.

A proven track record of visual excellence is essential.

Benefits to Expect:

Direct access to an elite (and clearly humble 😂) entrepreneur. Working closely with myself you will learn business and build a truly incredible career. We will teach you things no one else can teach you & take you places no one else can take you.

Fast-paced and exciting. Sure, there will be calm weeks, but there will also be impromptu videos driving to the top of a mountain to shoot a 60-second advert. Or setting up an auditorium to film a talk in front of 100 students. Recording and interviewing the most elite young entrepreneurs at exclusive global meetups. Global trips to film marketing strategy sessions with multi-million dollar companies.

Free travel and accommodation - the thorn in my side, paying double. But if you are as good as you need to be, it’ll be worth every penny!! Including…

Yearly company retreat. 2024 marks the first of our all-expenses-paid yearly company retreat to a mansion in Asia. Think team building, celebration, reflection and self-improvement.

Ability to network and meet exceptional people. Being with me on my ventures, you will meet the people I meet and will thus have access to my growing web of incredible people.

Opportunity to push massive boundaries. I will be your dummy - you want me to roll in mud to get 1m views, done. You want me to wear a dress and a wig, done. You want me to wear a Hibernian kit, not done, don’t ask me to do that. The point is I will let you create anything you like as long as it requires little time investment from me other than the actual recording.

You will receive full induction training, mentoring & ongoing guidance.

I need someone to do these four things:

  • Create and strategise viral-optimised stories, scripts and video plans together with me.

  • Be ready to grab our cinema cam and shoot run and gun on short notice.

  • Be capable of editing videos without too much guidance. Adding serious creative flare (not picking a template from motion array and throwing some clips in).

  • Be able to support the creation of client adverts via filming UGC styled adverts, and cutting/editing them.

Who I am looking for:

Loves to create - this job is perfect for someone who loves making videos and is keen on stretching their creativity. It’s definitely not for someone who does their job solely because it puts food on the table.

Loves to travel - there may be times in which you are asked to temporarily relocate. This will mean your flights and accommodation to places like Bali, New York and London will be paid for, but it also means you will need to be willing to live where I live for short periods of time.

No ties - it’s probably not the best job for someone who is supporting a family or has another commitment that would make leaving the country on relatively short notice a large difficulty.

Would be willing to do this job for the next 3 years - I know 3 years is a long time, and I’m not asking for that kind of commitment, what I’m saying is that I’m not going to hire someone who already has plans that conflict with a 3-year stint. If you’re planning on going back to school in 1 years, then this isn’t for you. But if you take this gig and in 2 years from now you meet a girl and you get married and have kids and she doesn’t want you travelling all over with me all the time, I get it, these things happen.

Able to drive if you do not live in Edinburgh - I will do most of the driving when we are together and you will be reimbursed for all travel expenses. However, I don’t want to pick you up from North Berwick to shoot some vids.

Fully confident interfacing with people - this is something you will be able to develop, the only exception in this list. Though the ideal candidate has no trouble communicating with strangers.

What the person I’m looking for must be capable of:

Here are three very different styles of video, all of which I want to follow a similar style to at some point. Please confirm each of these would be within the scope of your capabilities. If you are not at that level yet, show me you are close and tell me how you can get to that level.

Video 1 -

Video 2 -

Video 3 -

Bonus Video -

So, this means the standard tech-savviness - proficiency in software like Adobe Premiere, After Effects or Magic Cut Pro.

And of course, comfort with using a professional DSLR.

I may come across as a bit of a dick in this. I’m not, it’s just super important all expectations are set for this role :)

How to apply:

I need to know that you read this and that you actually want this role. 

  • Start your application with BANANAS so I know you read it all

  • Send over a few paragraphs as to why you think this job is for you?

  • Then, confirm that you meet all the requirements and send as much proof as possible to back it up.

  • Finally, tell me why I should hire you over all other applicants.

You MUST provide links to previous works.

Good luck


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